Back To School By The Spirit Bootcamp

As beautiful as the days have been this past month, I almost hate to think of it yet. But, any day now it will be time for summer to end. And you know what that means: back to school! And for us that means it’s time for… Back To School ~ By The Spirit Bootcamp!

This is your call to action! BTS Bootcamp begins Tuesday, August 6, 2013 and continues through Sunday, September 15, 2013.

Get ready to turn away from all failings of the past and set your resolve for the future! This BTS Bootcamp will be a time to increase in study, prayer, and serving others. This is the opportune time to breakthrough into a more open and compassionate life filled to overflowing with a wealth of health in every area of your life.

These days will be restful and restorative. But they are also workdays.  All the assignments during BTS Bootcamp will be conducted amidst our lives in the home, field, shop or office. This time will be a “set apart” time ~ not from daily workday activities, but from our previous mindsets and habits!

I know already powerfully in my spirit, these divinely timed 40 days are going to be a haven in time, a “place of refuge” from the challenges in life; they are an equipping in spirit, soul, and body to conquer the mountains in our lives; a time to audit one’s spiritual accounts and assess the year gone by; in short, it is a time to… #livefully!

BTS Bootcamp

If you are still trying to decide if this is for you, I have one more thing. I believe the Spirit of the Lord would say to someone who is considering the Back To School ~ By The Spirit Bootcamp:

“This is a time to prepare for… Days of Awe.”

If that person is you. Register. This is your time for favor ~ The King is in the field.


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