School's Started! What you need to know about

Sleep, Allergies, & ADD/ADHD

Editorial Note: Normally I save this kind of in-depth teaching for our advanced coaching clients. But I have it on my heart to release some of it to you today for free!

Here’s why I just must get this out: I just can't stand to see another school year start and so many families perplexed by their children's poor school performance only to be told the solution is to have the little ones started on SSRI mood-limiting drugs! 

So please pardon the soap-box today and latch hold of this bonus material for free while you can! My soap-box… your benefit! 

Here's the deal: What exactly is going to happen to this generation of little ones who start using mood-altering drugs at primary and elementary school age – drugs with warning labels about teenage suicide risk, warnings not to stop the drugs suddenly or without physician supervision – what’s going to happen as they get older?

I mean, what's the plan long term? Do we even have one? Are they to be stuck on drugs for the rest of their lives, ever increasing the strength as they build up immunity to the effects?

I know… this blog is the one that should have been titled "Is this Insanity?" But I already used that last Monday. Let's see, where was I? A solution is where I am headed with this… an easy, practical, doable, healthy solution.

I don't have time or space to delve into a great many specifics here, but you can come back and get more from our Resource page later. For today, I want to get you on the right track fast by revealing some more important "connections."

(Remember we talked about those “connections” a few posts back? Look in the archives if you missed that one!)

First, think of the thousands of cases of sleep disorders; then, think of the thousands of cases of ADD/ADHD; then, also think of the millions of people with allergies! What do you suppose the odds are that one might end up diagnosed with one of these disorders? Or to put it another way, how many people do you know that already have all three?

Do you have any idea about the time frame that the number of reported cases of these three diseases began to rise? I can help you.

Before the 1950's these particular diseases were not at the top of the "common" list. Since then however, cases of all three have continuously risen every year, until they are now some of the most commonly reported problems. Especially, like I said, at the beginning of a school year.  

If you are over 50, think back. How many kids in your class had ADD/ADHD? Did you even hear the words? I'm 47 and I didn't have anyone in any of my grade classes who was labeled that. Wild kids went to the office for "discipline." As far as allergies, people had a little hay-fever once in a while, but nothing major like you see today. Or how many people did you know those years ago who had sleep apnea or went to a sleep clinic? Nearly zilch. Did they even have sleep clinics?

Most communities only heard of mumps, measles, and a very few diabetics. No one had asthma. They were still worried about polio in those days. People talked about formaldehyde babies from the 40's & cousins in another state with chicken pox. Another illness of concern was TB.

So why is there such a drastic escalation? Clues and the answer in the next blog post! Stay tuned…

Don't worry. Part 2 will still be free. I am not off the soap box yet!

Michelle Pearson
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