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This Free Health Quiz Will Help You Identify It!

Want to take our free health quiz? Having used this in our clinic and our wellness classes for 13+ years now, we have found this simple-to-take health quiz a great indicator of current state of health as well as a long-term statistical indicator as to your risk for chronic or life-threatening diseases. Your pattern of behavior, eating habits, emotional responses, and hormonal fluctuations all feed into a formula for health or disease. So, the question is… How is your health, really? What is your risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or other devastating diagnosis?

Most people believe that they are “relatively healthy” with the exception of _____  (you fill in the blank) ~ allergies, excess weight, all the way to breast cancer or other things that, believe it or not, are NOT healthy. It is a crazy mindset to suppose that we are a healthy person or society if there is any “except for ___”. This free health quiz helps to give us all a wake-up call to the true status of our health (or lack thereof) and a clear statistical look at where the path heads that we are currently following. And, hopefully, will shock us enough to put on the brakes, learn some truths, apply them, and make that u-turn to real, complete health (as opposed to the illusion of it).

First, please fill in the request below:

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Third, after confirming your request, watch for the email with the Health Quiz attached.

Finally, after you take the Free Health Quiz, click the link in that email which will take you to the scoring map for your results!

We look forward to connecting with you as you tune in to our social media pages. Be sure to get involved with our wellness teams too! It’s YOUR time to start taking steps in gaining good ground on your path, the right path, the path that works with the body’s design not against it, the path to complete health!



  1. Doris Ann Byrd

    ok I’m ready to take the quiz again. However I am just like Moses who at 120 went to glory–His eyes were not dim; his ears still heard and his natural forces were not abated. That is me too.

  2. Amy Short

    I'm trying to do health quiz but can't find it . It keeps saying I need a password but I don't know what it is. Would you please help me?

  3. doris ann byrd

    Am I too late? I didn't check email on Sunday. I can't find the quiz.

    • Michelle Pearson

      Not too late at all! The quiz is attached to the email. If you don’t find it, I will send you another one tonight. You have to print it off to answer & total, then this page gives you the scoring categories.


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