Ladies Hiking & Adventures in Faith Teams for 2016

Because Champions Live Differently!

Our Expedition 2016 theme is: #OnPurpose

The destinations for our two expedition teams will be:

The Great Smoky Mountains, near Gatlinburg TN (Completed)

with a bonus stretch of the Appalachian Trail!

(Session 1: January thru June 2016, with trip dates 5/18/16-5/24/16)

Pikes Peak with Barr Camp, near Colorado Springs, CO

(Session 2: May 1 thru October 2016, with trip dates around 9/25 – 10/1 – firm details after registration)









Announcing Our 2016 Teams!

This year, our teams will be professionally coached in wellness and nutrition while we cover this nation in more than 2400+ hours of prayer, 4800+ miles of prayer walks, will read thru the NT, plus complete 6 additional life-enriching, vision-building, character-developing studies! Together, we will develop greater faith for our fitness, families, finances, and fun! Some walk, some hike, some don’t! But all grow in God!

We have places for hikers and non-hikers so take a look: (video of last year’s team¹)

I’m Michelle Pearson and I am a catalyst for change! I am a full-time minister, mountain-taker by day and “secret-service” concierge for other speakers and ministers by night. Yes, you read that right… this IS my day job.

In 2013, I had the pleasure of hiking Mt Kilimanjaro with God.TV, which was a faith journey of epic proportions. (Mt Kilimanjaro Video is here.) While in training for Mt. Kilimanjaro, I hiked Pikes Peak twice in 2012. In 2014 and 2015, I began leading our own expedition teams on amazing trips to Pikes Peak, in Colorado. More than just mountain climbs, both years the teams spent a tremendous 6 month period together training and developing faith, hope, and love, Spirit, soul, and body!

In fact, for 2015, as you can see in the video above, we also took several additional folks with us as Base Camp members to pray and transport. With a team of 11 on the ground this past June, we prayed over 700 hours for our nation, the nations, our cities, families, and friends, and for all those along the way who need the love of our great God.

All because Love asked.

The Lord has prompted my heart to stretch out my faith to lead even MORE of these ladies expeditions! I have to admit, it will be very different for me this coming year without my beloved Doc, who has just gone home to heaven. But I believe with all my being that God has great plans for our good and plenty of people yet to hear His Word! So without delay, I am so excited to bring you the details!









COMPLETED Our training for Session 1: Smoky Mountains began January 1, 2016

Session 1 trains all the way through June 30, 2016. Our plans are to for the Session 1 Expedition trip to be May 18-24, 2016.

Session 1 team will hike to (and hopefully stay overnight on) the top of Mt. LeConte. The lodge is located at 6’593 feet in the middle of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This Leaders Summit team will also have the thrill of hiking more than 8 miles on the famous Appalachian Trail.

At 6593 feet, Mount LeConte is the third highest peak in the Smoky Mountains. However, measured from its immediate base to its highest point, Mt. LeConte can be considered the tallest mountain in the Eastern United States, rising 5301 feet from its base near Gatlinburg. As compared to Pikes Peak at 14,114′, this hiking altitude will not bring any obstacles due to altitude, making it accessible to many more ladies who want to step out On Purpose!

Our training for Session 2: Pikes Peak with Barr Camp begins May 1, 2016

We will continue with Session 2 all the way through October 31, 2016. This year Session 2 team will hike Pikes Peak in a two or three-day hike with an overnight at Barr Camp.

Pikes Peak is one of Colorado’s most famous 14-ers, at 14,114 feet in the Rocky Mountains National Park. Our plans are to have the Session 2 expedition trip to be scheduled during the week of September 25th through October 1, 2016. You should plan for an entire week away including travel and recovery. We will firm up our dates as quickly as possible after registration closes.

Session 2: Our payment structure has changed for this team. Your initial payment is due May 1st of $90, then you will have a $90 monthly payment each month for the 6 months. **If you join us in late registration, you first payment will be the total due from May 1 through the date of joining. You will have access to the curriculum you may have missed. 

If you go on the Expedition trip, you will also have additional expenses for that trip beginning with down payments in August and remaining expenses in September. (Portions may be due each month; details will be firmed up on this expense and due dates after registration closes)  $600-700* per trip.

** Locals in Colorado Springs area may have a lodging savings if you do not overnight with the team. Expenses for the trip will be calculated and then divided by the number of team members. The cost varies depending on the number on our team and the trip details, plus the cost of incidentals, personal expenses, and transportation to and from Tennessee and/or Colorado by plane or van, your choice.

Your gear is not included in these fees, but coaching on what you need and how to get the best value on gear is included!

Fees are NOT refundable.

Monthly Hiking Meetups are tentatively scheduled for the second weekend of each month. Please plan for an extra hiking opportunity nearer to departure for Tennessee and/or Colorado. These will usually be early on Saturday mornings and take from 2-10 hours. These group hikes are extremely important and should be given priority in your scheduling.

*Due to the nature of this unique leadership training, timelines and arrangements may be subject to change at any time at the discretion of the team leaders. We endeavor to be led by the Lord and will make decisions based on what is best for the entire group. Decisions made by the team leader(s) are final and cooperation with these decisions is mandatory for safety and unity of the group.

Deposits and monthly fees are not refundable. (You will receive a $300 discount on total fees if you do both sessions.)

Session 2: Registration is open and deposits will be due by May 1st.

All 6-Month Faith Adventures Include:

 (Hiking & Non-Hiking Teams)

  • 6 months Professional Wellness coaching
  • Initial wellness evaluation and personal nutritional assessment
  • Monthly nutrition and wellness training sessions
  • Networking with other faith-filled folks
  • Acts of Service monthly in your local church or ministry
  • Disciplined development in all areas of life
  • 6 month On Purpose! Reading Plan with eBooks
  • 6 month Bible NT reading plan
  • 6 months of webcalls and teleconferences, and other curriculum to stretch, challenge, and grow our enduring faith!
  • Development and deepening of  our hearts and our strengths, spirits, souls, and bodies!
  • Optional:  (additional cost) participation in the Expedition 2016 trips to either Great Smoky Mtns or Pikes Peak as ground crew and prayer support.

Ladies Hiking Groups Also Include:

  • Personal guide to weekly mileage goals
  • Additional nutrition and wellness training sessions
  • Monthly Group Hikes at various destinations
  • Gear lists, shopping guides, pack fittings and more.
  • And an illustrative final hike
  • Overnight stay on the mountain (pending availability)
  • and celebration of transformations!


Your trip payment is due by May 4, 2016 – We have 2 spots left for hikers or non-hikers. The trip is $600.00


12 spots available. Your first $90 monthly payment FOR SESSION 2 will be due by May 1st. Trip payments will begin in August.



Your first $90 monthly payment will be due by MAY 1st. Should you desire to also go on the expedition trip but not hike, your trip costs will begin in August, same as the hiking team.

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