The High Five’s of Health:

The First  Steps You Need To Take to Restore Your Health

(From the archives as we were out on the mountain terrain of Mt. Kilimanjaro)

Our Team Unstoppable is on a mission to help provide the High Five Most Important Needs to a hurting world. And as we do that, we also have prepared for you several complimenting articles (and some reprints of classics) in our series: “The High Five’s of Health!”

Today we will examine the first five steps (in keeping with our hiking and mountain taking theme) you need to take in improving health. These steps are the very first ones to implement and some of the most important measures you can take to begin restoring and improving your health. No matter where you fit right now on the health or disease scale, no matter what diagnosis you have gotten or symptoms you have, the following five things are the HIGH FIVE to your improvement and increase in wellness!

Well, wait. Let me restate this. Strongly. The very first measure in reclaiming your health is to meet The Healer. Without that relationship, you are only fighting disease with natural, limited tools, and I don’t mean power tools either. Without power, you will not ultimately win the battle with being a victim of disease.  Not sure how to meet The Healer? Ask me, or anyone else on Team Unstoppable (connect through our Facebook group) and we will be pleased to introduce you. It only takes a few seconds to plugin to source of all healing, the source of true and continued health.

After that, there are some natural steps, some tools, to connect with that healing power that begin working with the body’s design for healthy FUNCTION. If you work with the design, you help it function IN HEALTH! These tools are:

#1     MINERALS –

Most folks have been drilled in the head by media for the past 40 or so years that the “multivitamin” is the best thing to take and all that is really needed to stay healthy. Well, one look at society will show how well that has been working… NOT at all! And there is a very important reason why!

Vitamins are important for health, true. But even more critically important is that vitamins whether in supplement form like a whole foods vitamin or by food intake, cannot be adequately absorbed without minerals. This is why so many vitamins just exit out into expensive urine (as Dr. Ray Pearson calls it).

Another process that is severely impaired without proper minerals in the hormone production in the body – also highly evidenced in our society. Dental deterioration, diabetes, heart disease, and brain-based disorders are all results of foundational mineral deficiency as well.

So, scrap your multivitamin – unless you are pregnant! Go with the highest quality mineral product available and set a good foundation.

#2     GOOD FATS –

Good fats are essential to cellular development from conception to advanced aging. The absence of good fats, in forms that can be assimilated into the body and through the cell wall, has promoted and elevated incidents in our modern times of all chronic fatigue, pain-based disorders, and brain-based illness as well. And again, all hormone related disorders stem from lack of good fats and minerals. That makes these two things the top of the top priorities in restoring health.

As important as taking in good fats is, it is equally important to eliminate completely the intake of trans-fats. Synthetically produced trans-fats – unlike those supposedly in natural butter, etc – actually block the absorption of good fats for more than… 4 months!

So next time those fast-food French fries tempt you, don’t think at all about calories! Think of the trans-fats having a half-life of 4 months or more: four months interfering with your hormones, increasing pain, reducing your immune system, impairing balanced brain chemicals… should I continue? Start using olive oil, coconut oil, and if deep frying is a must, at least use peanut oil!  Almond oil is excellent on the skin, as is the coconut oil too! You can in fact, eat the coconut oil by the spoonful daily to improve your health!


Increasing your gut health and proper digestion begins the process in getting some actual nutrition to your body! After that, it also provides 85% or more of your immune function; 85% of your “happy hormone” serotonin; promotes better sleep and so much more.

Some people actually have Fibromyalgia and other pain stimulating diseases simply because of an unhealthy gut! If you want to be well and live well, you must increase the health of the gut. And, that begin with proper foods in and absorbing nutrients from them, as well as re-establishing health in the gut with some excellent HSO probiotics.

It does not include herbal colon cleanses, which strip out the gut in an unhealthy manner. Colon Hydro therapy by a certified technician can definitely help, but you should be selective in the choice of the care professional. Get a recommendation from a local doctor who uses natural and alternative health therapies. (We are very blessed to have a great clinic for this in our home town.)

More information was included in previous articles on improving gut health, as well as in our Products and Resources.

#4     WATER

There is no substitute for drinking the water the body requires by design. You body’s functions require that you maintain approximately 70% water in your body to hydrate and eliminate wastes. Other liquids are not the same as good, pure, water for achieving optimal health. It must be on the Top 5 to restore health. Most adults should drink one half their body weight in ounces of water daily. There are of course some instances when that is not advisable, for example if swelling is at a dangerous level, if there is the presence of pneumonia or fluid on the lungs, etc. But for the general public, water intake is imperative to health improvement.

And finally, in our Top Five Most Important Measures to Take to Restore Your Health:


The human body requires both movement and oxygen to maintain life. It is NOT optional. And, while there are a multitude of opinions on exercise out there and it is not the goal of this particular article to address it in depth, the one sure thing about the body is that exercise with oxygen intake is a must. Every living person must have both movement and oxygen to thrive.

As a special gift, we want to share with you another free resource on this same subject. We love to help our readers! Click here to view our previous article about EWOT featuring a video teaching clip on the subject.  We trust you will enjoy and be enriched by the free bonus materials!

Those are today’s tips in the series, “The High Fives of Health!” Stay tuned for more!

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