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McAfees Knob VirginiaI’m Michelle Pearson and I am a catalyst for change! I am a full-time minister, mountain-taker by day and “secret-service” concierge for other speakers and ministers by night.

Yes, you read that right… prayer hiking IS my day job. And I would absolutely LOVE for you to join me on these amazing spiritual adventures!

Transformation precedes promotion. Revelation always precedes transformation. It is the disciplined life of prayer which opens the gates to see and hear the revealed Word of God.

Prayer changes things because the prayer of faith changes us.

~ Michelle Pearson

My prayer partners and spiritual expedition teams are comprised of all kinds of folks in all stages of life’s journey! We have ladies of all ages who train for mountain expeditions and other adventures in faith with me. (So, you are not too old!) But we also have men and women and families who join as pray-ers and stayers – who never accompany me physically, but who are every bit as invested in the spiritual journey as the hikers themselves.

We have financial partners who are Kings and senders – these precious gifts equip me to do what WE are called to do in the Kingdom of God. I could not complete the tasks and the call without my senders!! God is my provider, to be certain! But He does equip through the gifts of and in people!

We have authors and speakers, who come along to minister to the ladies in special sessions, or who come along to spend some mountain time writing or for study sabbaticals; we have others who come along to be team helpers and to handle transportation of the hiking teams; we have people who walk, people who hike, and people who do neither. But everyone contributes to the success of the mission.

Though He sometimes sends me to hike alone, no matter where my assignment leads, it always takes a team, a tribe if you will, because that is the Biblical design of fellowship! It takes all gifts and graces, all the joints of The Body, to answer the call to be on God’s prophetic and intercessory prayer team. And He chose YOU as part of His team!

“God delights in His children stepping out over the aching void with nothing under their feet but the Word Of God!”

~ Lilian B Yeomans

How did this begin for me? I was fasting, praying, and coaching some wellness clients during a New Years Bootcamp in 2012 when the Lord first called me to begin to hike and pray. And He did not start small!

The first Expedition He asked me to train for was the tallest free-standing mountain peak int he world! Yes, in 2013, I had the grand pleasure of hiking Mt Kilimanjaro with michelle pearsonGod.TV, which was a faith journey of epic proportions. (Mt Kilimanjaro Video is here.) While in training for Mt. Kilimanjaro, I hiked Pikes Peak twice in 2012, once with Operation Mobilization and once as a solo trek.

In 2014 and 2015, the Lord allowed me to begin leading our own expedition teams on amazing trips to Pikes Peak, in Colorado. More than just mountain climbs, the teams spend a tremendous 6 month period together training and developing faith, hope, and love, Spirit, soul, and body! For 2015, as you can see in the video below, the Lord expanded the vision so that were joined by several additional folks as Base Camp members to pray and transport.

With a team of 11 on the ground in 2015, we prayed over 700 hours for our nation, the nations, our cities, families, and friends, and for all those along the way who need the love of our great God. And then we stepped it up even higher…

Because Love Asked.

The following year, our teams were professionally coached in wellness and nutrition while they covered this nation in more than 2400+ hours of prayer, took 4800+ miles of prayer walks, read thru the NT twice, plus completed 6 additional life-enriching, vision-building, character-developing studies! 

Also in 2016, we expanded to two powerful prayer expeditions. The first was to Great Smokey Mountains with a full team. The second, Team #OnPurpose, was a prayer team of hundreds, perhaps thousands, globally, praying 127 days, July 4th through November 8th, for peaceful elections in the USA, for the honor of our nation, the peace of Israel, and the manifest Glory of God.

The culmination of these days of prayer was a 10-day, 100+ mile prayer hike! This was the longest, toughest journey to date physically, but the years prior had prepared me for such a time as this. Supported by the amazing prayer team and senders, the Lord ordered my steps to take the 107-mile journey alone, joined only in Spirit to my faithful partners and triple-crown team! Yes, that is right, I hiked the 107+ miles physically alone in the mountains of Virginia, praying – and yes, that is a miracle for this girly-girl of comforts. But the bears, mice, and miles were no match for the grace of being in the perfect will of God! Because Love asked.

There is a price to pay to do the perfect will of God, but that price is never greater than God’s grace.

~ Mrs. Oretha Hagin









What’s up next? In 2017, #LittleSister (my trail name) and the team head to the mountains for prophetic and intercessory prayer on the 78 miles of AT in GA, praying for sweeping floods of reconciliation.

Our theme for the 2017 year is #TotalVictory, and we will be praying for that individually, corporately, nationally, and globally, knowing that complete victory is possessed In Christ, as we walk As Christ loving those along the way… because Love asked.

The question is now… what gifts and graces will you allow Love to use for this adventure in faith?

I am calling in the prayer walkers/hikers (note: you can be either day hikers or backpackers), a transport team, the senders, and basecamp pray-ers. This is God’s call to reconciliation. You want to have a part in this. I am fully persuaded this is a set-time of harvest, the time when the reaper overtakes the sower. And we will be praying that with every obedient step.

I went on the last expedition by myself. I would greatly be blessed to have some of you with me, walking physically alongside this time. If not that, come alongside in whatever way He leads you to.  #LittleSister has committed to answering His call. Will you? Check your heart and ask God what part HE wants you to have in this spiritual adventure of faith.

The equipping is in the command.


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