Success in Health

The Single Biggest Mistake

You Make with Your Health

by Michelle M Pearson


Today’s Pop Quiz: Who knows the #1 biggest lesson that I am always teaching our clients at The Picture of Health, in our events, and our webinars?For those of you who are new here, I’ll help you out today and say it again. It is

Your Health… Your Choice.

Today we are discussing just why that is so important. It has to do with the single biggest mistake people make in regard to their health.

The single biggest mistake people make with their health is… not choosing HEALTH in advance.

And in doing so, they are setting themselves up for sickness, disease, and failure, on purpose, all the time.


Really. If you will just stick with me today to the end of this very short article, you will get THE real, honest, no-holds-barred answer as to why you haven’t made the progress you say you’d like to see in your health.

(Coaches Note: This also applies to every area of life for that matter. So… bonus! Today you are getting the answer to whatever stumbling block you have been repeatedly facing. Time to move them out of the way! No more confusion, no more excuses! Start choosing SUCCESS in advance.)

There is a ancient Proverb that is filled with wisdom which says, “Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life. Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.”

I learned something from Dr. Jim Perkins, a dear pastor of mine from years ago, which has helped me greatly ever since. Actually, he and his family taught me many things about the Lord and the love of God that impacted my life forever, but this one thing I’ll share with you today: He said to me, “Michelle, the best thing you can do with your life is to decide in advance.”

He told me just shortly after I truly came to know Christ in a personal relationship that if I settled the decision in advance that Sunday was set aside to worship the Lord – in church with the fellowship of other believers – then when Sunday came, it would have no bearing on me if it were raining, snowing, if I was sleepy, on vacation, etc. My decision would already have been made. I believe this same wisdom has come to my remembrance and helped me achieve greater success in every area of life, my relationships, my finances, and my health walk as well. 

See, in my health walk, I decide or “settle it” in advance what I am going to eat at a certain restaurant. I decide in advance that I am not stopping for donuts, even when the sign does say “hot”!  I settle the decision in advance as to what I will snack on or drink when I travel and I prepare for it.

Along the same lines, if I suspect I will be seeing someone who may not be the easiest to be around or who may not be friendly, I verbally, out loud, instruct myself and decide in advance that I will walk in love no matter what occurs. I prepare for, and therefore declare and dictate, the positive end result… not the negative one. Prepare for success, not failure.

Decide, choose, today to order your footsteps, your choices, with the instruction that produces life.  If we are to consistently walk in that life, we must consciously, decisively turn away from our old destructive path. We must hold fast to life-giving instruction for our lives; we must avoid old destructive ways and not even go near them.

Decide the path in advance. Choose life, choose success, choose health. In advance. Then when temptations or crossroads come up before you, the decision is already made as to the way to proceed. Follow the path to success.

Here’s the tough love your coach has for you today: If you refuse to change, well, you and your life will never change for the better. It will change, contrary to popular belief! It is not true that if nothing changes, nothing changes. It is not true.

The plain, simple truth is… if nothing changes, things will get worse. Whatever state your life is in will respond to every new choice you make. It will gain momentum in the direction you start to turn the rudder. Every better choice, even if we are not yet complete, turns your life in a better, better, better than ever before direction. One seemingly tiny choice at a time is actually a monumental victory every time! Every better choice, every step in the right direction is a victory.

How will you get from where you are now to the strong, courageous, extravagantly joyful that awaits you? One choice made in advance, one step made at a time, zeroed in on the right direction… your expected end, your successful destination.

So, just settle it. Decide in advance. Then, let Grace give you the strength to follow through with your decision.

Know someone who is struggling with some health problems?

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Believe. Choose. Activate. Achieve. (Repeat.)

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Michelle Pearson
Catalyst for Change, Speaker, Author, Social Media Maven, Minister, Mountain Taker; Ambassador for Him, healing, high heels, & hiking boots. Preferably in pink.

Michelle's mission is to educate, activate, challenge and equip others to live a full, satisfying life, ever growing in the Kingdom of God.

Michelle is a mountain-taker in all expressions of her calling. Sometimes it is on literal mountains leading ladies on spiritual adventures in faith. Other days, it is consulting with Kingdom-minded businesses and ministries to develop professional website platforms and social media strategies. Still other times, you will find her training mountain-takers to possess their physical land - their health, spirit, soul, and body - teaching classes and doing wellness evaluations for churches and corporations large and small, as well as providing "secret service" concierge wellness services for other speakers and ministers.

Wherever the call of God takes her, she firmly believes it is time for Christian businesses, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders to be diligent to ‘write the vision and post it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may be able to read it easily and quickly as they hasten by.’ And then ACT on the vision.

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