Breakfast of Champions for Spring Training!

Breakfast of Champions for


Spring Training!

by Michelle M Pearson


Let's face it… most people skip breakfast, eat on the run, or grab a quick unhealthy choice to start their day! Breaking the fast of all night without food is an essential step in healing, for increasing your stamina and energy, and for getting the gut healthy as well.

So today, as we visit again our theme of "Spring" topics, we will add Spring Training to the list and deliver a power-packed new smoothie recipe to you – it's great for athletes and for the rest of the population as well!

This very quick smoothie is a doable healthy and delicious shake for folks who enjoy… chocolate! Yes, real organic cocoa is used in the sshh…  greens mixture! How perfect is that??

As a quick review, these are the components one should include in a healthy shake, which means it doesn't come from a can or a package:

  • Essential Fatty Acids – to build-up the tissues, cell structure, and total health of the vascular system. These are delivered in a strategically specific vehicle of sulfur-rich protein that ensures entry into the body's cell structures. No other delivery system is as successful in getting these EFA's into active assimilation, providing as much as a 95% increase in bio-availability (usability) of these EFA's! 
  • Fiber – especially important in the morning to cleanse the entire GI Tract, acting like an internal broom to clean out the waste and toxins discarded through the night's healing and maintenance cycles.
  • Anti-oxidants – to assist the body in repairing and renewing, youthful anti-aging properties to promote health and healing in the heart and other organs.
  • Carbohydrates – high-quality and low-glycemic sources provide glucose and short-term energy to get you up and running in the morning… instead of stimulants!
  • Protein – a long-term source of energy that will carry you through the morning hours without lag or dips in energy and blood sugar. Balances the glycemic index of the breakfast.
  • Greens – lots of green leafy and cruciferous vegetables to alkalize the body and oxygenate the cells (Just what you wanted for breakfast, right? Hold on, in the recipe below, you'll never notice we sneaked them in!)

Sound like a lot to eat for breakfast? We have made it super-easy and quick – you can even take it with you! This recipe gives you complete nutrition to start your valuable day of enjoying life and serving others!

Here's the how to for:

The Picture of Health Spring Training Smoothie

4 ounces cottage cheese or quark
4 T flax oil

Combine these two first before any other additions, then add to the blender.

* Very important to do first, apart from other steps – this step is what makes the flax available for the body's use. Do not skip, change, or substitute ingredients of this step. (To consume flax oil with out mixing in quark or cottage cheese reduces it's availability to the body to 5% at best! In other words, you are wasting your money and efforts to consume it otherwise.)


6-8 ounces almond milk - NO soy – use plain, vanilla, or chocolate

1 frozen banana
1 scoop Barlean's Greens Chocolate Silk (amazing new product!) 

The above recipe is the basic smoothie. For extra energy if you are in sports training, you can try any or all of these additions: (add a bit more almond milk if you do because they add thickness.)

1-2 T of Almond Butter

1/2 cup Oats

1T Wheat Germ

Optional: 1T melted Coconut Oil – added slowly through the top while blender is whirling.

Combine ingredients in blender, pulse to combine, then blend on high until smooth.

Makes a large serving for one. Enjoy and eat it all.

That's SUPER FOOD for Spring Training of our Picture of Health Champions!

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Michelle Pearson is a dynamic wellness coach, speaker, author, and the Founder & President of Picture of Health Inc. ( On a personal health journey for the past 17 years, Michelle’s mission is to educate, activate, challenge and equip others to live a full, satisfying life through the use of state-of-the-art educational resources to produce significant and lasting health breakthroughs.

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Michelle Pearson
The Dr's Wife, Speaker, Author, Mountain Taker, Trainer in health & clinical nutrition, walks in healing, high heels, & hiking boots. Preferably in pink.
A Catalyst for Change, Michelle has been on a personal health journey for the past 19 years. Her mission is to educate, activate, challenge and equip others to live a full, satisfying life.
She and husband, Dr. Ray Pearson, are known as "The Dynamic Duo of Health and Healing". Together, they have more than 1000 hours of continuing education in advanced nutrition and wellness topics.


  1. This smoothie is wonderful. I mostly like that fact that it holds me over for a long time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michelle – the Health Food store only had the Strawberry-Kiwi Berleans Greens. I mixed it with the Chocolate Almond Milk and it tastes great too!!

  3. Sounds great, Mi!  What would happen if we just added the chocolate greens to the longevity smoothie, without the berries?

  4. The new smoothie recipe looks great! Can't wait to try out the Barlean's Greens in chocolate silk! Thanks for posting. I got so excited when I  found this product on the web site for The Vitamin Shoppe.


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