Straight Talk About… What You Really Believe

We touched on the 7 Essentials in the last two articles, but today let’s highlight one in particular that has a huge impact on your reserves and your resources, on your health and your longevity. Today, let’s have some straight talk about:

What You Believe

Very simply… you have become who you are today; but that is not who you have to be.

If, in any area of your life, your supply is not meeting the demand, if you are running short on finances, fitness, fun, family time, or faith for the journey, if you repeatedly do what you don’t want to do, and don’t do what you know to do, you need to take a fresh look at what it is that you believe.

How you approach your choices in The Seven Essentials for Health determine if your result will be a glorious destiny or vain-glorious destruction, financial freedom or fiscal failure, complete health or devastating disease… every time. Can I say that again? Every time. Here are some physical examples:

One minute of anger uses enough of your resources to suppress the immune system for 4-6 hours. That doesn’t sound awful, but do the math… if you go to sleep angry, sleep for eight hours, you have suppressed your immune system for… 80-120 days. That’s 3-4 months for one choice, one night! So use your zinc on the optional anger OR use it on a strong healthy immune system by training yourself to walk in love, forgive others, be unoffendable, and trust God!

One choice, one time determines the immediate risk of a heart attack for a diabetic who ignores their rising blood sugar and eats whatever they like just one time. “Just one piece of pie won’t kill me…”  Really? 85% of diabetics are wrong about that one choice.

One choice, one time, determines if you pick up that virus that everyone else is passing around or not because your gut flora is awful due to indigestion of complex starches and undigested proteins. You know… steak and baked potato with butter and sour cream. “I only do that maybe once a year… ” And… why is it necessary then?

One choice, one time, determines if your blood sugar level elevates to a diabetes diagnosis instead of a few extra pounds gained or the jeans just being too tight.And, all three can be avoided with good choices for health.

One more soda, one more time, finally produces the acidity that allows cancer to grow. It takes 32 8-ounces glasses of water to wash out/counteract the acidity produced by ONE 8 ounce carbonated beverage, aka: soda. “I rarely drink them, just one every once in while… ” WHY?

One bitter memory entertained in unforgiveness can turn a first-time cancer survivor into a second-time victim who doesn’t make it out alive the next time around. One.

One more plateful of white bread or bleached pasta in an unhealthy gut can trip it over into an autoimmune disease. Why not just choose something better?

One dose of natural ephedrine can cause an athlete to die before leaving college or ever reaching the Olympics they have trained their whole lives to attend.

Just one choice, one time.

Does that mean we can never have the foods, drinks, and lives we love? Does it mean we cannot recover from the choices we have already made?

No. That is simply the wrong mindset asking the wrong question! (Evidence of your true belief, selah.)

What it means is…

Examine what it is that you believe you love most and make your choices in agreement with that belief. What you believe has the single greatest impact on whether you live long and strong or die early, poorly, or painfully. And…

What you really believe is what dictates what you do. Period. The End.

You might say, “No, I believe I want to live healthy and enjoy my life, family, career (fill-in-the-blank), I just haven’t been making good choices lately. But I know what to do, I just need to do it.”

Here is the real truth: If what you say you believe is not lining up with the choices in resources – whether it is supply or demand – then you do not believe what you think you do, or you need to change what your actions to match what you say is your belief.

Physically the disagreement between the belief and the actions places the body in conflict, in strife within it’s dictating mechanisms, causing your system to release stress hormones. The organs then, all begin to respond to those hormone signals as an alert, a threat, and forces your body into crisis mode.

When the body is in crisis, your resources are burned up at alarming rates. Bacteria and microbes begin to proliferate, inflammation accelerates, cells begin to evidence damage and mutate, auto-immune responses begin to attack the unknown enemy, which becomes the body itself. The body stores fat, destroys muscle and bone faster, it essentially begins the death spiral simply because of the perceived attack.

This week you have learned that stress is not just emotional craziness or chaos; it is, in any area, the increased or excessive demand for your resources. Conflict, disagreement, lying to yourself or fooling the body, always results in a physical weakening in the body because of increased demand on the system. Further, you must then supply for the demands you allow or you will experience physical disease.

Today, you have learned that your choices DO reveal what you really believe.What you really believe then dictates the destination your life is headed toward. You choose, you decide.

There is no separation between the will and the actions. Make a decisive act today, examine what you believe and line your actions up with whatever that is. If you truly desire to increase in health, then believe it, do it, live it! 

 But be doers of the Word, obey the message, and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth.” James 1:22 (AMP)

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