Top 5 Benefits of

Improving Your Gut Health

We are reaching in deeper and climbing higher than ever for better health and a better life – our best life yet! All month we will be featuring articles – like this on gut health – in our series called the “High Fives for Health” 

This is the third in the series and is a spin off the memory quote from our first article, “Top 5 Fastest Ways to Gain Health and Drop Inches:”

“Get out of the rut to lose the gut!”

That’s right! We are talking about your gut one more time! Did you know that science considers the gut to be the body’s “second brain?”  Improving your gut health, the healthy atmosphere of your gastrointestinal tract, has phenomenal impact on your health – more so perhaps than any other thing you can do! Improved gut health and function improves:

1) Your immune system – Up to 80-95% of your immune function comes from the healthy function of the GI tract. An unhealthy gut always leads to repeated and increased risk of diseases of many kinds. Toxic gut means toxic body.Toxicity is one of the three primary causes of sickness and disease.

*Note: On this topic of toxic gut, this is a great place to state that we do not recommend herbal “Colon Cleanses” or cleanse products. Regenerating the gut health through a proper eating plan and the use of excellent probiotics is the superior approach.

2) Your complexion – The skin is the largest organ we have. If the body cannot discard wastes through the GI tract, as much as 50% of the toxins are reabsorbed through the blood stream and released through the pores in the skin, often causing acne and cystic eruptions and boils. Improving the gut health dramatically increases skin health and beauty. One look at someone’s face or back torso can give you a good glimpse at the gut health or lack thereof.

3) Your weight and waist circumference – Excess padding around the middle comes from two primary sources: hormone related fat-storage and undigested putrefying food in the gut. Research shows from 5-10 pounds of this rotting food in the average American gut on any particular day. Improving gut health naturally causes a weight reduction and, most especially, dissolves inches off around the middle.

4) Your moods and ability to sleep – as much as 85% of your serotonin/melatonin balance comes from the “second brain” known as the GI tract or gut system. This delicate balance operates in connection with the stress hormone cortisol mentioned above and dictates both the “happy hormones” and the sleep hormone levels. Improving gut health helps the adequate production of melatonin, in addition to removing sleep loss due to indigestion.

Regarding your moods, it can be shocking to learn that about 90 percent of the fibers in the primary visceral nerve, the vagus, carry information from the gut to the brain and not the other way around. Your moods depend much more on your gut health than your brain health, although common pharmaceutical drug therapy ignores this fact when treating mood disorders like depression and anxiety. A healthy gut is the very first step to overcoming either type of disorder.

5) Your Bones – Science is also recently investigating the connection that proper levels of serotonin from the gut play in counteracting the bone deterioration of osteoporosis.  This fits in with the Endocrine System classes we teach and the principles on acidity and alkalinity in respect to bone loss or gain at all ages, but especially when over the age of 50 years.

So there you have them, more of our High Fives to Health Series, The Top 5 Benefits of Improving Your Gut Health! These are some very significant areas that can easily and quickly be impacted with the right eating plan and some high quality targeted nutrition.

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