Top 5 Fat-Storing Hormones

by Michelle Pearson

As we wind up the month, we are taking aim on FAT Elimination! Yes, armed with wisdom and understanding, hormones are what is up next as we are continuing in our series, “The High Fives to Health!” 

Here’s your first bullet: Hormonally-driven, excess body fat has more to do with chemistry than calories!

The hormones in our Top 5 list today are the very reason why so many people worldwide are overweight, but also why so many are sick and diseased beyond a little extra padding or even obesity.

You see, these hormones, these chemicals in the body, direct the traffic, so to speak, in every organ and function of the body. When even one is off, because they flow in rhythm with each other, they will all eventually cycle into disease and deficiency over time. (That, by the way, is what was originally termed “Syndrome X”, now more commonly referred to as Insulin Resistance Syndrome. This Syndrome includes a myriad of chronic and life-threatening diseases.)

These major chemical communicators in the body are designed to work in harmony to maintain life and health, enabling you to carry out your purpose. The body’s hormonal system, the Endocrine System, is actually a neuro-electro-chemical system that interacts with and commands the structural system of the vessel that carries you around.

In more simple language, this beautifully and wonderfully and fearfully made vessel is created to work like a symphony, with all the players, major and  minor, all working together in unity, as one, to accomplish the work of the body. (Selah. Sound familiar?)

When any one hormone gets out of balance, out of rhythm, out of place, or is operating in a stronger rhythm than it’s counterparts, the body will begin to cycle into first one disease and then another. This cycle happens on a hourly basis (insulin, adrenal, cortisol), a daily rhythm (serotonin / melatonin), a monthly cycle (reproductive), and even a quarterly cycle (blood), to name a few!

The longer you are in the disease cycle, day after day, month after month, the deeper in the body the disease cycle takes root.

BUT… by the same wonderful design, the body also can cycle into health hour by hour, one choice at a time. You can begin making better choices and working with the design RIGHT NOW and hour by hour, day by day, regain your health.

That is why MOMENTUM is crucial in reclaiming health. Working with the design produces health every time. If you are not enjoying that health yet, now is a great time to start your momentum going in the right direction! Consistency and momentum are keys.

Here, for example, are the Top 5 Fat Storing Hormones you’ll want to learn how to regulate and bring into that symphonic balance:

1 – Insulin

     When insulin is present in the blood stream in response to carbs and sugars, you have the potential and propensity to store fat. This is a foundational reason when one is endeavoring to restore health and reduce body fat – not just weight but body fat – that we recommend separating proteins and carbs for a length of time. This is both to balance the hormones (to reduce body fat) AND to give the gut a rest (in order to more discharge waste and heal gut lining).

Separating grain-based carbs and added sugars from fat and protein, while limiting them to once daily, consuming within a two-hour period, greatly regulates the amount of insulin present to store fat. When you balance the insulin in relation to the other hormones, you begin the process that will balance the body’s lean muscle-to-fat ratio.

See, it’s not that we can’t eat proteins and carbs together or that the body cannot process them together. Not at all. If healthy, one should be able to do so without difficulty or disease. And, yes, to answer many questions regarding “glycemic index”, properly combined meals do help keep blood sugar levels more stable. But…

Here is the problem: modern society’s gluttonous ways and constant feasting have produced indigestion, and un-digestion, resulting in severe nutrient, mineral, and Omega-3 deficiencies; these patterns have also produced rampant addictions to stimulants, carbs, alcohol, and drugs, caused initially by fermenting and rotting food in the gut causing yeast and bacterial problems, increases in belly fat, epidemic weight gain and diabetes.

Separating and limiting one’s intake of carbohydrates is a healthy method of healing the gut by working with the body’s design, regulating insulin production, reducing excess stored body fat and lowering low-density lipids (cholesterol).

Once both the hormones and the gut are healthy, a healthy system can process proper portions of meat and carbs together without hindrance. (Again, however, most of the population are not yet in this healthy category!)

Next in our Top 5 Fat Storing Hormones…

2 – Adrenaline, and

3 – Cortisol

     Both of these are stress-relieving, but fat-storing hormones. These hormones elevate either in response to stress, which is an increased demand for resources, and/or as a back-up to the Pancreas for insulin production. Regulating these two hormones is vital to the success in both protecting the heart and keeping excess fat from being stored around the mid-section.

I’ll comment a bit further on these two hormones as we discuss…

4 – Estrogen

     Again, a fat storing hormone that much of modern global society gets way to much of. Estrogen is produced in our natural hormone production, but we also take in phyto-estrogens as soy products are consumed. For example, soy, can have a dramatic effect toward disease due to it’s false hormone reaction in the body, both in males and females. In addition, there are often numerous hormones injected into the commercial meat production and processing.

Obviously, eliminating the added outside estrogen consumption is the first step you can take in lower and balancing this area. You can immediately stop consuming soy products and select better quality meat and/or dairy products as well. However, regulating the whole hormonal cycle will have a much more profound effect on overall health.

Another concern that we can pair with discussing estrogen is it’s balancing counter part: progesterone. When the two fat storing hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol (noted above) are elevated and eventually exhausted, the body’s magnificent back-up system is progesterone. Progesterone can be utilized by the body as building blocks in the production of these other hormones.

While that is helpful on a temporary basis, if we learn to live on the “adrenaline rush” of stress and stimulants, progesterone is constantly pulled away to help the adrenal production. As this occurs, fat-storing, temperature-regulating, estrogen levels will become increasingly disproportionate, spiraling into all kinds of diseases and dysfunction.

5 – Thyroid

     The most familiar of the fat-storing hormones. Thyroid is perhaps the first hormone that gets medically checked when a patient complains of weight gain. Interestingly enough, it should actually be the LAST on the list of things to modify in order to produce healthy results.

In almost every case, if attention to the whole balanced hormonal cycle is addressed – with teaching and corrections in the areas of our The 7 Essentials of Health – one will frequently find that regulation of the thyroid hormones will no longer be needed.

Prior surgery, of course, would be an exception. But short of that, one can very optimistically look forward to greater function of the Thyroid and the healthy whole metabolic process when the gut is healthy and the Top 5 Fat Storing Hormones are brought back into the harmonic symphony of God’s design for and in your magnificent vessel!

For much more teaching on these and many other hormone considerations, you want to get our teaching Series 1, Module 2 – The Endocrine System. You can plug in to some of the excellent teaching on these individual topics on our Products and Resources Page.


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