Here is another powerful article in our series: “The High Five’s of Health!” Here is today’s topic: The top 5 things the pollute your body’s environment.

We have already taught you in previous articles that you can gauge the health of the body by measuring the pH of saliva and urine.But let’s say you measure it and find your pH is really not good. What then? What’s causing that and how can you change it?

We talked about emotions a few days ago; this time, we are quickly going through some of the other real polluter’s of your body’s environment. No matter where you fit right now on the health or disease scale, the following five things are among the HIGH FIVE polluters that must be addressed if you truly desire to live healthy:


Any kind of soda and carbonated drinks containing sugar, sugar-substitutes, and most importantly, carbonation. A well-oxygenated body is a healthy body. Soda drinks rob your body of that oxygen. One 12 ounce soda takes about 36 glasses of water to flush out the acidity from the one soda pop. Diet sodas are doubly dangerous to the body’s environment. If you intend to be healthy, sodas should become an item you no longer consume.


Again with the oxygen issue! All tobacco and even so-called “clean” nicotine products pollute the body’s environment and pull down the pH. In addition to smoking pollutants, homes, schools, businesses, and other building are filled with chemicals in the air.

One way to drastically reduce these chemicals in the air is to open windows anytime the weather temperature allows. Built-up chemicals in the inside air are way more destructive than natural pollens and outside air!

Another way is to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that are used in the cleaning and also the “fragrancing” your home. A clean home smells good and doesn’t need extra help from candles, sprays, plugins, etc. If you like special scents, switch to essential oils for your fragrances! A few drops of peppermint in the toilet bowl after use is better than any air spray you could use! (Just don’t use around babies; it’s a bit too strong for their nasal passages.) You can also clean with vinegar, soda, Dr. Bronners, or other natural cleansers to help reduce air pollutants.

#3     SUGAR –

All forms of added sugar, even thought it can be “natural”, require extra resources to process it in the body – resources that could better be used for healing and health or hormone production. In addition, sugar feeds cancer, candida, microbes, and bad bacteria in the body. Cut off their food and feed your health.

#4     GRAINS (including ALCOHOL) –

Grains do provide natural carbohydrates, which are one of the body’s building blocks.  However, most of our modern cultures consume a largely disproportionate amount of grain-based carbohydrates. Did you know that, undigested, these things ferment in the gut and cause toxicity much like drinking alcohol in excess? That’s right. And both grains and alcoholic drinks are nothing better than liquid sugar to the body – robbing us of crucial resources that could be used for health! See #3 above!

And finally, 

# 5   UNDIGESTED PROTEINS or excessive amounts – 

Protein and animal fats are among the important building blocks to a healthy gut and healthy body. However, because so many consume such large portions of meat, while at the same meal eating large volumes of carbohydrates, the result is indigestion or, more accurately, un-digestion! This leaves excess proteins literally rotting and putrifying in the GI tract.

Did you know that the average American male on any particular day may have 7-10 pounds of undigested meat in the gut? YUK! There you have that 10 pounds around the belly you want to lose! And women typically carry around 5-7 undigested meats in the GI tract. I’d venture to guess it is this way in most countries around the globe as well.

One very quick way to improve the body’s performance and environment is to reduce amounts of both carbs and proteins and keep them separate for a time period to improve digestion! “Beef” up your intake of non-starch vegetables until you have 2/3+ of veggies and the remaining amount or carb or proteins. Keeping a colorful, veggie filled plate will greatly improve the body’s digestive environment.

So, those are our Top 5 today. If you want additional teaching on these Top Five Things That Pollute Your Body’s Environment, including some practical instruction on how the body responds, and how to change these patterns, plug in to some the excellent teaching on these individual topics on our Products and Resources Page. (Coming Soon) There are more than thirty hours of teachings available for your benefit! Plus lots of blog articles! So dive in! 

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