Do What You Say, See, & Hear 

Really Matter to Your Health?

{Foreword: Today’s blog was going to be Part 3 of the Endocrine System, an excerpt from our “Series 3 – 40 Days to Freedom Bootcamp”. But I have something weighing heavily on my heart for many of you, something I hope you will take to heart as loving direction from your coach who cares deeply enough to call you on it. I will post the video later in the week, but today, this seems most important. I am trusting you will not ignore the weight of the message and that you will still love me, perhaps even more, later.}

In these final six weeks of the year, something very noticeable begins to creep into the media, into advertisements, but more importantly, it is permeating a large measure of the conversation by those we love and train.

People are beginning to talk about losing the holiday weight, getting healthy, joining gyms, overcoming disease, etc.  But that in itself is not the problem. We are here to help with those things. These are our area of expertise. In fact, our lives are fully dedicated to that. 

No, what I want to write on today is a subtle but deadly deception sneaking into sideswipe as many as will be fooled. There are several facets to this, so I will just open with the concept today and write more at another time.(I suspect we will both be glad for that in a minute!)

First question: How powerful do you believe words – what you see, hear, and say – are to your life, health, and to your ability to fulfill your purpose?

I mean, do you consider that your words and thoughts have power and that it matters what you see, hear and say?

If your answer is “no”, then this blog might not make much sense to you or seem harsh, or even crazy. That’s o.k. We love you and respect that you may have different views. Stick around, there’s bound to be something you like!

But more than not, at least to some degree, would answer “yes,” you DO believe that words are powerful and able to influence the outcome of lives. 

Yes, many of you believe that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. The power of your words as connected to what is in your heart.

Perhaps you also believe that whatsoever you believe in your heart and speak with your mouth, not doubting, you will have what you say.  Again, the power of your words as connected to what is in your heart.

Do you also believe that you should guard your heart for out of it comes the wellspring of life? The power of your words as connected to what is in your heart.

And how many of you believe that if with your heart one believes and with the mouth one confesses Jesus as Savior, he or she will be saved? The power of your words as connected to what is in your heart.

That’s the group I speak directly to today, those who believe in renewing the mind and in the power of your spoken words. So,

How many of you in that group read, watch, or talk about the TV program “The Biggest Loser“?

How about American Idol?

Use the Insanity workout?

Watch vampire movies?

I’ll say this like your trainer and coach who wants the best for you…

What are you thinking?? You aren’t. There is a pattern, a purpose, a plan, and provision for everything in your life and you are polluting it with garbage mindsets – and doing it in the masses with your little fish bumper stickers right on top of the whole smelly mess.

Too strong? The Word actually says it much stronger, using the word “prostituting.” If you’d like to investigate that just read the love story in the book of Hosea. 

These things de-sensitize your head and heart to the things and, more importantly, the Words of God.

Dear friends, if you read or listen to our articles very often, you have heard one or both of us say,

“If you work with the design and the function of the body, it will produce health… every time. If you work against the design and function, it will produce disease… disaster… every time.”

Filling your heart and your head with the mindsets of a championship loser, working your body into insanity, cheering for people as idols – this is all grossly double-minded to what you say you believe.

It matters folks, friends. It does matter and you are setting the standard. You will have what you say.

Get a clue. Choose which is true and line up ALL your words and your choices about what goes in your heart – line them up with what you believe. Decide and pursue with single-vision and an undivided heart.

Therein is the Victory in health, and in the abundance of every good thing. Selah.

If you think it’s too dramatic, too rigid, to guard your mind and heart from these words of deceptive marketing, think about this: How did the devil steal everything from Eve?

Did God really say…? You won’t really die.

You think on that and decide who you want coaching you to health and long, satisfying life!

(Think I’m too rough? Let the results decide. It’s a life or death choice for some. You can see testimonies “Picture of Health Clients Say…” from the bootcamp participants on our YouTube Channel)

 Did you learn anything? Tell us what you learned below!

Michelle Pearson
Catalyst for Change, Speaker, Author, Social Media Maven, Minister, Mountain Taker; Ambassador for Him, healing, high heels, & hiking boots. Preferably in pink.

Michelle's mission is to educate, activate, challenge and equip others to live a full, satisfying life, ever growing in the Kingdom of God.

Michelle is a mountain-taker in all expressions of her calling. Sometimes it is on literal mountains leading ladies on spiritual adventures in faith. Other days, it is consulting with Kingdom-minded businesses and ministries to develop professional website platforms and social media strategies. Still other times, you will find her training mountain-takers to possess their physical land - their health, spirit, soul, and body - teaching classes and doing wellness evaluations for churches and corporations large and small, as well as providing "secret service" concierge wellness services for other speakers and ministers.

Wherever the call of God takes her, she firmly believes it is time for Christian businesses, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders to be diligent to ‘write the vision and post it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may be able to read it easily and quickly as they hasten by.’ And then ACT on the vision.

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