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Mission #Election2016: 100 Miles on the AT

We are about to embark upon a great endeavor, toward which we have journeyed in faith these many months. The eyes of the world are upon us, you and I and this nation we call home. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere are carried with us. In...

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Special Addition to Expedition 2016!

One morning in June, as is my custom, I rose early, while the house was still quiet, and I slipped outside to the balcony for some morning quiet time with the Lord. This day, my three eldest grandchildren were asleep in my home after a ministry trip and some...

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Why Consider a WP Website Design for Ministry & Business?

The Picture of Health Website View Project View Project Outrageous Grace Ministries Website Project View Project BuilderPro Website Project View Project Give To Bless ECommerce Website Project View Project Hands for the Harvest Website Project View Project View...

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“Equipping the saints to do the work of His Ministry”

The Right Coaches Matter! This website has been birthed from a passion to reach and serve others with life-transforming truth.

We believe that as you get to know our hearts, many of you will realize you are not here by accident… and that God has placed in your heart a vision, one that requires, perhaps, adventures in faith to come to sight!

And adventures in faith are our special calling!

Through God’s grace, Michelle Pearson challenges and equips others to live in complete health… Spirit, Soul, and Body. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit, extraordinary knowledge, and exceptional natural tools that all of us will fulfill our purpose, walking with God, exercising our faith in the full measure of divine health.

We are delighted you have visited the site and hope you will be inspired and challenged as you learn more about living fully in the purpose for which you were created!

See you on the mountain tops! (Or, see you from the top if you snooze!)

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God has moved so mightily… since I joined the Ladies Expedition in 2014. I have received healing of the passing of my dad… I finished my first book after Expedition 2015. And this year, Expedition 2016, it’s like a window of heaven was open… God immediately poured into me, refueled me and refreshed me, and I could hear him clearly. Each one of these expeditions are different, each lady is different, yet they always bring the same result: more of GOD.

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God has moved so mightily and in so many ways in my life since I joined the Ladies Expedition in 2014. It just keeps getting better and better. There are so many great things that I have received in my life. As an author, pastor, and wife, I tend to give out to so many people and never spend enough time on myself. This year I heard in my spirit that if I was going to be of any good for my husband, church, kids and people then I needed to go and learn to receive too. The first year I learned obedience and that even though we didn’t summit Pikes Peak that year God answered so many prayers for our team. I have received healing of the passing of my dad during the 6-month training and prayer time. God has continued to show me his beauty in the mountains and speak to my spirit. I finished my first book after coming back from an expedition in 2015. Every year I am astounded with what God does and how quickly he moves in each and every one of our lives. I have learned it is about the journey not just about the mountaintop. This year I went to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I expected something great from God would happen, but what I didn’t expect was that on our first gathering of our ladies devotion and praise and worship time to God he immediately poured into me, refueled me and refreshed me. It’s like a window of heaven was open and I could hear him clearly. Each one of these expeditions are different, each lady is different, yet they always bring the same result: more of GOD.
Pastor Jeanie Waters

Pastor, Author of "Broken No More", Jeanie Waters Ministries & RPM Church

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