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I’m Calling You Out, Grief!

Recently I read a post by a Facebook friend whose mother had passed on. They wondered if they were betraying her memory by taking care of the loose ends, tending to the details, and packing up the things left behind. I almost responded, as is the norm in the world,... read more

Overcoming Tragedy

I seem to be moved this month toward Heart to Heart chats. It is on my heart today to talk about overcoming tragedy.  Tragedy can take on many forms in our modern day lives. Loved ones can die of diseases, illness, and age-related degeneration. Accidents sometimes... read more

Updating About Us – Dr Ray & Michelle Pearson

It’s never been a secret. . . adventures in faith are our special calling!  Today is a bit of a different blog to write. It is about the adventures of faith, but today we aren’t launching an expedition or planning a wellness webinar. (But those are right... read more

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The Right Wellness Coaches Matter! The Picture of Health has been birthed from this passion to reach and serve others with scientific, medically proven, practically applicable, life-saving, life-transforming truth.

Through God’s grace, the Pearson’s challenge and equip others to live in complete health… Spirit, Soul, and Body. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit, extraordinary knowledge, and exceptional natural tools that all of us will fulfill our purpose, in the full measure of divine health.

We are delighted you have visited the site and hope you will be inspired and challenged as you learn more about the design of your fearfully and wonderfully made body and the purpose for which you were created!

See you on the mountain tops! (Or, see you from the top if you snooze!)

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