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Why Consider a WP Website Design for Ministry & Business?

The Picture of Health Website View Project View Project Outrageous Grace Ministries Website Project View Project BuilderPro Website Project View Project Give To Bless ECommerce Website Project View Project Hands for the Harvest Website Project View Project View... read more

The Single Biggest Mistake

The Single Biggest Mistake You Make with Your Health by Michelle M Pearson   Today’s Pop Quiz: Who knows the #1 biggest lesson that I am always teaching our clients at The Picture of Health, in our events, and our webinars?For those of you who are new here,... read more

How Emotions Drain Your Health

How Emotions Drain Your Health by Michelle M. Pearson On the podcast this week we covered the topic, “Emotions, Memories, and Your Memory – How Emotions Affect Your Health”. That broadcast, combined with our recent teaching on pH, offers a perfect... read more

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“Equipping the saints to do the work of His Ministry”

The Right Coaches Matter! This website has been birthed from a passion to reach and serve others with life-transforming truth.

We believe that as you get to know our hearts, many of you will realize you are not here by accident… and that God has placed in your heart a vision, one that requires, perhaps, adventures in faith to come to sight!

And adventures in faith are our special calling!

Through God’s grace, Michelle Pearson challenges and equips others to live in complete health… Spirit, Soul, and Body. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit, extraordinary knowledge, and exceptional natural tools that all of us will fulfill our purpose, walking with God, exercising our faith in the full measure of divine health.

We are delighted you have visited the site and hope you will be inspired and challenged as you learn more about living fully in the purpose for which you were created!

See you on the mountain tops! (Or, see you from the top if you snooze!)

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Your Story Here!


Your Story Here!


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