heal-our-landWe are about to embark upon a great endeavor, toward which we have journeyed in faith these many months. The eyes of the world are upon us, you and I and this nation we call home.

The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere are carried with us. In company with our brave brothers and sisters-in-arms in other nations, our declarations will bring about the destruction of the enemy’s evil plans, the elimination of tyranny over the oppressed peoples of this earth, and security for ourselves in a free world.

In company with our brave brothers (and sisters)-in-arms in other nations, our declarations will bring about the destruction of the enemy’s evil plans, the elimination of tyranny over the oppressed peoples of this earth, and security for ourselves in a free world.

The inspiration for my address above was an excerpt from a speech by General Eisenhower, in June of 1944, spoken to our US troops during World War II. I believe I was led to form my address after the pattern of his powerful words because I speak to an army of another Kingdom. I chose these words mindfully and soberly because I believe that the things, lives, and nations at risk, the very integrity of life, is every bit as much at stake in this moment of history as it was in 1944.

Today as I write you, the air is filled with the crispness of autumn in the Ozarks, an indication of the change of seasons…

Michelle PearsonMy eyes fill with tears as I consider the spiritual impact of this change of seasons and realize that I leave in just fourteen days for my very first trip to Washington D.C., reaching our nation’s capital via 100 miles of hiking on the Appalachian Trail through Virginia’s Shenandoah Mountains. Because Love asked.

Why? There is a real and present threat to humanity, an evil premeditated plot silently working across the globe just as it was those years ago when General Eisenhower addressed his troops.

An almost inconceivable evil is, in stealth, deceiving and infiltrating the seven mountains of influence in business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion of cultures who have become comfortable and hearts of every people who have become complacent.

Yet, by the gifts of His Spirit, we know about the schemes of the enemy. The watchmen of God have awakened. It is fitting that God-ordained spiritual generals take inspiration from the words of General Eisenhower and boldly declare: Our task is not an easy one. Our enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He fights savagely.

(And, I will add, he is skilled at getting Christians to foolishly bicker among yourselves while he infiltrates the influence centers of your culture. Exactly like he did 75 years ago! Selah.)

But GOD! God is our victory! Jesus Christ has prevailed once and for all who will receive it. We have at our use overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of the Spirit and The Word.

But the responsibility for responding to the clarion call of God lies with us to arise and say, “Yes! Lord, here am I. Send me. I WILL GO. I believe that In Christ, AS CHRIST, YOU can do all things through me.” Even 100 miles. Alone. In the wilderness. You are THIS widow’s MIGHT. And surely I do believe that you do use the foolish things to confound the wise!

In our expedition team’s leadership training this month, we read in Lisa Bevere’s latest release, Without Rival,

One of the most glorious, courageous things you could ever do is to live in the fullness of all that the death of Jesus purchased for you. ~ Lisa Bevere

Let’s do it! Let’s  #LiveFully!

My friends and partners, the hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere are carried with us! As assuredly as anything else in my pack, your hopes and prayers hike with me! In company with our courageous brothers and sisters of faith in other nations, united in His Grace, together we will reach Washington and together in one Spirit we will say, “Our God Reigns!”

The Sons of God are marching together to Victory! And like General Eisenhower said of his comrades, I too have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle!

Again, I encourage you to read the previous post on how I began this expedition of 100 miles if you have not already. Today is dedicated to updating those who have been praying and our partners who have on their heart to participate by praying for us and by sending us.

A recent partner wrote in the note that accompanied his financial gift: “Thank you for going for US.” For everyone who has any part shares in all the harvest! Another precious couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma texted a follow up to their partner seed to ask, “Have you let others know how they can be a part?” In reading her text, I was prompted of the Lord that indeed there are others who would want seed in this assignment and that I should post an update on the opportunities.

I marvel continually at how I am surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses and by a host of faith-filled vision partners who love the adventure with God as much as I do! I am moment by moment grateful for the incredible blessing of serving Him in ministry and that He is enlarging my tents as quickly as my heart will allow it.

(Just as I type that last sentence I am reminded of how many years I have been praying “enlarge my tents, Lord” and laugh out loud that He has done that quite literally! Oh! Friends! Watch your words! For He sits in the heavens and laughs! You shall have what you say when you believe you receive! LOL!)

This journey is absolutely a result of hearing His voice and having my heart melt into that unmistakable stirring that can only be His invitation to extend my faith for a new assignment. And the invitation to willingly stretch forth my faith to allow Him to move me forward into a new season.

To be honest, dear friends, it is a season and an assignment that requires every bit of faith I possess PLUS every bit that I can develop with every step! My spirit, soul, and body are being tested and tried as they are exercised in preparation. I am finding that as the mileage and training reach new heights, the process exposes the need for new depths of humility with God and people. It has been good for me and is strengthening me in every realm. But again I am finding myself gloriously ruined for anything but His desire.

Recently asked if this was a personal trip or a ministry trip, I replied, “You seriously think I would hike 100 miles for anyone but Jesus??” Ministry. This is a ministry journey. We are praying for the peace, prosperity, piety, and, above all, the presence of God in this nation. And, I will be praying and ministering to the hikers along the famous Appalachian Trail. Love those along the way is my directive as I come into contact with many who go to that trail to find answers. I will be equipped spiritually and naturally with gifts from God. Please pray for opportunities.

Theshenandoah_national_parklarger route is 100+ miles on the AT through the Shenandoah National Park along Skyline Drive, beginning in Waynesboro, VA and ending near Winchester, VA., about 72 miles west of… the BIG assignment: Washington DC!!

I have been diligent to train, now I am up to 9 miles every other day, plus working at extra activities to fund the necessary expenses. But it is entirely evident: I cannot do this alone! I thank God; HE is with me! I also have come to the recognition that my faith is full-out and on purpose, but God never intended this to be a one-person event.

Hundreds have already hooked up faith for the past several months with the perfect prayer strategy for victory in our nation. Because Love Asked. Together, these hundreds of prayer warriors and I will complete 127 days of prayer by Election Day.

On top of those prayers, we will be hiking at least ten days during the final two weeks as a 100-mile “Pray On Purpose” hike leading us into “boots on the ground” in prayer in Washington DC on Election Day, November 8, 2016. We will be there (my first time in the city) to walk the city as a carrier of peace, praying for peaceable elections as you all go to vote.

Our dates of prayer are strategic and significant, from July 4th to Election Day in the U.S. which happens to be 127 days. In doing some research, I found that the Biblical number 127 is a binary number and is representative of, get this, The King of Glory and Spiritual Sons! And I was also led to read Psalm 127, which is a foundation scripture for this extraordinary assignment of prayer.

The pray-ers have been praying for 120 seconds (two minutes per day) because that’s what the Lord brought to our heart and everyone can do that. Interestingly, the number 120 signifies the passing away of the age of flesh and the beginning of the age of the Spirit!

So why am I also hiking 100 miles in 10 days? Because Love asked me to do so at this set time. The number 100 represents the number of Election, and the Children of Promise, but 100 also denotes what is full and complete with the principle of return. “And other seed fell upon the good earth and having sprung up it brought forth fruit a hundredfold” (Luke 8:8; Matthew 13:8; and Mark 4:20).

We are history makers by virtue of our identity in Christ. Now is a set time to cause history to read as we declare it. 

I urge you to consider being a part of this important time of unity and prayer in our nation – the happenings in this country this year will have ramifications that stretch into all the nations of the world.

Please consider sharing this, asking your group, your family, your friends and social media connections, your church or other organization to commit to the daily two-minute prayer for the remaining days through November 8.  Would you also ask the Lord for ways you can pray, give, sow, serve, and send?

Here is where we are right now: In addition to our awesome team of pray-ers, we will require financial partners who see the vision and feel the leading of the Lord to support the physical logistics. I need help with this now. I cannot and am not assigned to carry the financial weight for the journey. For those of you who witness in your heart that you have been raised up for this part of the assignment, here are a few of those pertinent details:

For this “watchmen’s journey,” my big brother and I will be hiking on behalf of all the hundreds of pray-ers who are standing with us for God’s will in our land. But, if you would like to go, email me right away and we will investigate that possibility. I am believing God for the travel expenses out and back and each hiker would be responsible for their gear and all their own expenses.

Above our travel expenses, we would greatly be aided by provision for at least one couple who could serve as transport and ground crew for our 16-day physical journey through Shenandoah National Park, Virginia to Washington DC. The Base Camp crew will need lodging for 15 nights either covered by gifts or at a host home in the area.

As of this date, expenses for this couple are not covered, so I am planning the logistics to accomplish my assignment unassisted.  If you can go and be self-supported, email me ASAP to investigate the Lord’s leading on that. We leave October 23 with or without the ground support. We have Jesus. That is the NEED TO HAVE. Humans with me would be the NICE TO HAVE. 1/2 OF THE FUNDS FOR A CARE TEAM HAVE COME IN! PRAISE THE LORD! (If remaining funds are not received by leave date, these funds received will be used, with donor’s permission, for hostels and other expenses along the way which will be necessary without a care team.)

Some have inquired as to gear or other things needed. If you have on your heart to sow toward expenses, we could still greatly benefit from gifts in this area. You may make cash donations to our ministry, Hands for the Harvest Ministries here:

If you have on your heart to sow specific equipment, I am still in need of these pieces of equipment, which you can purchase at www.rei.com or other retailers of your choice. If you are led to sow any of this gear, would you please let me know immediately? Otherwise, I will need to make these purchases by next weekend 10/16/16: GLORY TO GOD – THE GEAR HAS ALL BEEN RECEIVED!


Peace. Prosperity. Piety. Purpose. And, most of all, His Presence.

Some who wander are not wanderers at all; we are Kingdom warriors in disguise. I will see you on the mountain tops! Or from them if you snooze! But as for me and my house, we are taking back the land of these mountains of culture… all to the glory of God! 


        a.k.a. #LittleSister 

Michelle Pearson
Catalyst for Change, Speaker, Author, Social Media Maven, Minister, Mountain Taker; Ambassador for Him, healing, high heels, & hiking boots. Preferably in pink.

Michelle's mission is to educate, activate, challenge and equip others to live a full, satisfying life, ever growing in the Kingdom of God.

Michelle is a mountain-taker in all expressions of her calling. Sometimes it is on literal mountains leading ladies on spiritual adventures in faith. Other days, it is consulting with Kingdom-minded businesses and ministries to develop professional website platforms and social media strategies. Still other times, you will find her training mountain-takers to possess their physical land - their health, spirit, soul, and body - teaching classes and doing wellness evaluations for churches and corporations large and small, as well as providing "secret service" concierge wellness services for other speakers and ministers.

Wherever the call of God takes her, she firmly believes it is time for Christian businesses, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders to be diligent to ‘write the vision and post it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may be able to read it easily and quickly as they hasten by.’ And then ACT on the vision.

Read more About and Experience here: http://thepictureofhealth.com/michelle
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